Ben the Bakery and Deli Manager

Managed By: Chris

We offer a full line of meats and cheeses featuring BOARS HEAD brand products. Our HOT FOODS CASE is a most popular place around meal time. We offer FRIED CHICKEN, EGG ROLLS, BURRITOS, CORN DOGS to mention a few. We have a weekly lunch menu and a faily special each week posted in our deli and on our Facebook Page. We also offer fresh ROTISSERIE CHICKEN daily, full and half chickens.

We have a full selection of cold salads such as potato salad, cole slaw and freshly made garden salads. Our Deli also makes excellent crab, chicken, tuna and egg salads.  We offer a selection of gourmet cheeses that you can expect to be surprised about the amount of variety that we carry. We carry a wide variety of freshly made subs, wraps, sandwiches and snack packs made with Boars Head meats and cheeses. We even carry pudding cups to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We also offer DELI TRAYS that can feed a small-to-medium, or large group. Please allow 24 hour notice for preparation.