Meat Manager

Managed By: Jack

Our Meat Department features only the freshest product. We custom cut our meat here in our temperature controlled cutting room.  Our market manager and meat cutters have years of experience working for independents as well as chains.  They know what Port Aransas Shoppers want.  Fresh product at the best price without compromising quality.  We stand by our meats with a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied or your money cheerfully returned.  If you desire . a special cut or don’t see what your looking for we have a willing staff waiting to take care of your needs.  If you haven’t tried our meats give us a try.  Truly our meat department sets us apart from other stores.

We carry a large selection of fresh meat products.  We are well known for our steak section.

We sell the finest RIBEYES, T BONES, PORTERHOUSE, SIRLOIN and FILET MIGNON that you can find anywhere.  If you like them an two inches thick or a smaller thickness for the smaller appetite we are here for you.

You won’t find any artificial filler in our ground beef.  We offer GROUND SIRLOIN, GROUND CHUCK, LEAN, EXTRA LEAN AND REGULAR GROUND.  We know that a good ground program can define a meat market.  You will satisfied with ours, guaranteed!

FAMILY CENTER IGA Meat Market has you in mind for quality and price.  Check us out today.  We appreciate your business.